Deborah Martin October release: Spotted Peccary Music

“I simply close my eyes and imagine what it

would have been like to exist in another time,

another place, and then the music comes”

-Deborah Martin




Artist quote:

“Inspired by the magical realms of alchemy and wizardry I visualized worlds of shadow and light, images of misty forests filled with magical beings in the realm of otherworldly visions and thus began my journey to create lyrical melodies woven though ambient tonal layers each piece revealing unto each other as though discovering secrets of long ago.”

Release celebration and album signing by the artist


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Terry Currier musicmillennium.com

Sam Rosenthal projekt.com

Archie Patterson eurock.com

Howard Givens spottedpeccary.com


Nominated for “Best Electronic Album”

One World Music Awards

Congratulations Deborah Martin and

Spotted Peccary Music

The 3rd Annual OWMR Awards Show will

be 4th June 2016


The Age of Wizardry is upon us. Transport yourself to Music Millennium for an hour in the tower with your fellow freaks donning their finest & strangest Wizard apparel. Come dressed up or down for an hour of wizardry including costume judging with special prizes for the best and most unusual apparel, gift bags to the first 50 to appear, and the chance to meet spellbinding ambient / electro-acoustic artist Deborah Martin (who releases her Spotted Peccary Music label Eye Of The Wizard CD.)

Experience the magic. For fans of Game of Thrones or Lord of the Rings!

cbkDare to appear!

Tuesday October 6, 2015

Music Millennium,

3158 East Burnside,

Portland, OR from 7:00 – 8:00PM

About the album: Ambient electro-acoustic

Deborah Martin, in her newest Spotted Peccary release, captivates us with haunting melodies, hypnotic percussive beats, and nuanced ambient textures on an epic odyssey to a realm of wizardry and sacred alchemy. Here, is yet another astonishing and beautifully crafted thematic project brought to realization by the acclaimed artist who released such classics as Under the Moon, Deep Roots, Hidden Water, and Ancient Power.

Dancing between worlds of shadow and light, sublime structures and haunting lyrical textures beckon and entice us with dreamy whispery nuances of skillfully created compositions that hint of mystery and magic for an audio experience that rests in the realm of otherworldly visions weaving melodic structures with ambient tonal layers and driving percussion.

The musical odyssey begins with Dance of the Faeries, conjuring mystical images of misty forests filled with magical beings in a hidden glen invoking the appearance of a wizard; Watchers is in reference to the stars, reminiscent of the ancient seekers foretelling events based on what the stars revealed to them; Lords of the Vale calls to mind the power of the lords who ruled in the old ways, protecting and honoring all that is sacred; Waiting is that mysterious floating place in time before secrets are revealed; Metamorphic foreshadows the time of change as the revelations unfold into reality; The Alchemist’s Robe depicts the sacred garment worn only by those chosen in the arts of alchemy and wizardry, and Eye of the Wizard reveals the secret world before it disappears Into Mist.